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Production and sale of leather bags and accessories Made in Italy. Highly competitive prices thanks to the control of all phases of the production chain. Elsa Florence guarantees its customers quality, professionalism and punctuality in the delivery of finished products 

Our company

Elsa Florence is a leading company in the wholesale distribution of leather goods and fashion accessories. All leather products offered are entirely Made in Italy made using only high quality Italian leather. The company is based in Florence and offers its customers maximum professionalism and experience in the creation of the bag from the design, prototype and final creation.

Our products

Elsa Florence offers a wide range of leather products made with 100% Made in Italy high quality leather. All models of bags in different types of leather, from large to small and from classic to more fashionable. Elsa Florence is attentive to the needs of its customers, thanks to the organization and the best leather processing machinery, it is able to offer the following services:
1. Research and development of materials
2. Development of the "Pattern" and "Prototype"
3. Personalization and development of the customer's brand while maintaining maximum confidentiality.
4. Quality control and standard / customized packaging
5. Production of leather goods for third parties in Italy or abroad. 


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Some testimonials from our customers

5 stars!

Irina Feygin | Impeccable Image, Inc. | United States

Excellent, 5-star quality handbags; great communication; excellent customer service and support!

Irina Feygin | Impeccable Image, Inc. | United States


Agnès Faggianelli | BYSÔ | France

Great quality bags, excellent design.

Irina Feygin | Impeccable Image, Inc. | United States